Our Vision

The First Nations Environmental Network is a circle of First Nations people committed to protecting, defending, and restoring the balance of all life by honouring traditional Indigenous values and the path of our ancestors. We encourage the work of protecting, defending and healing Mother Earth. We desire and need to link grassroots Indigenous people nationally and internationally to support each other on environmental struggles and concerns. We are obligated to leave footprints for our children to follow by striving to live our life with traditional values.

The following are some wise words given to the people by First Nations:


You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the hour. There are things to be considered:

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle
of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.

See who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
Least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a

The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we┬╣ve been waiting for.

The Elders
Oraibi, Arizona
Hopi Nation

A vision by Leonard Crow Dog "Sun Creations"

It came to me in a dream during a vision quest. It is a story as old as the beginning of life, but it has new understandings according to what I saw in my vision, added to what the grandfathers told me things remembered, things forgotten, and things re remembered. It comes out of the World of the Minds.

Some people say we are descended from Adam and Eve, but there was no Adam or Eve in our creation. Some people try to tell us that we were born with the burden of original sin, but that is an alien white man's concept. Sin was not in the mind of the universe of our creators or the created.

When this world came into being seven million eons ago, it was composed of numberless hoops, skeletons with no substance. Land, the whole earth, had yet to be made. All was orbits within orbits within orbits.

The world on which we are sitting now, our earth, was made up of sixteen sacred hoops. There was no earth, no land, but there were planets and stars. Above all there was the great sun. He controlled all the orbit powers. He had the sole power to communicate, to talk planet talk between the universes, stars, and orbits.

The sun had seven shadows, and in them he recreated himself. The seventh shadow was the important one. The sun looked at it and saw that its design was different. This shadow was the creator of the red man's land.

Then the great sun called to all the orbits, planets, and stars: "Come to the sixteen hoops! Come to the sixteen hoops!" and they all went to the place the sun had appointed and made earth-plan talk. The sun would not allow them to leave until they were done.

And that great ball called earth, the earth planet himself, said to the sun: "Instruct us in the way of the universe." For this purpose and for this reason the orbs and the orbits talked to each other. They related to each other and that was the first relation-making feast, the first alonwanpi of the universe.

One of the orbits, the east, asked the sun: "Why have you called us to come here for? "What have you called me for?"

Then the west asked: "Sun, why have you called all the orbits and planets here? What is the purpose?" "

I have called you here in a sacred manner, for a sacred purpose: To help me make this earth, this land. To breathe into these sixteen hoops."

The north said: "What is that thing you call land, what is this thing you call earth? What have I to do with it?"

The great sun replied: "You are the living moisture; you are the atmosphere; You are the north. You will be the caretaker of this earth. You will make the seasons in all eternity."

And the power from the north answered: "Hou, hou!" This was the echo of the echoes of all the universe, and it reverberated throughout the hoops and orbits.

So the sacred four-direction powers breathed their life-giving breath into this earth we are sitting on. The sixteen hoops were still skeleton hoops; you could see through them, walk through, float through; they had no substance yet.

The sun again called all the powers and planets to crowd around the earth and breathe into it, and this was the beginning of the red man's life.

All the powers of the universe participated in its creation, but there arrived among them in a whirlwind an unknown power right out of the center of the universe. Its name was Unknowingly, and it also breathed into the sixteen hoops.

All the powers breathed fire and the other elements into this land, and when they had finished, one and a half million eons of creation had passed.

The sun looked at the earth. Everywhere he saw beauty and light. He saw the art designs of the universe, the creation art of the planets, and land painting. The sun gathered parts of all the riches of all the universes and put them into this newly created world; nothing was wasted.

But the earth was bare. It was a bald-headed world. No life was on it yet; it was rock, a far-shining crystal.

The Great Unknown Power, the Grandfather Power, Unknowingly, was part of the sun and the sun was part of him. Unknowingly was seen-unseen and had many forms. He spoke: "Ho! Aho! Now it is done.

This is the Great Way of the Great Spirit talking." And of the earth he said: "This will be my seat. This will be my backrest." In the earth he planted the seed of life, a planting that took half a million eons of creation time.

First Unknowingly planted trees, the kind that never change, that are always green: the pine and cedar. They are the green relations of the universe, and we still use the cedar as incense in our ceremonies.

In his mind this tree planting was done in the blink of an eye, but it lasted a million and a half eons of creation time. At that point the sun did not move yet, did not rise and did not go down, just stood in one place. The sun looked at the earth covered with green and said: "It is beautiful. I am satisfied."

Then the great sun made the four seasons for north to take care of, and when he had finished, another half-million eons of creation time had pasted. And no birds had yet been created; just our green relations.

The trees spoke to each other. Every day and every moment they were talking, and they are still talking now in an unknown language which humans do not understand. When a little child emerges from the womb, the first thing it does is to cry and cry. It too is speaking in an unknown language-tree language, universe language, survival language. Though the newborn later forgets, he knows at birth that we have to survive to take care of this world, to live in a sacred manner after the original instruction.

When three million eons of creation time had passed, the great sun looked down from his orbit and thought: "This is unique. Everything moves in the Great Way. Caretakers, the sacred four directions, have been appointed, and they are doing well what they are supposed to do." And he looked at a tree and saw that a big branch was broken off. He said: "Ton, Ton, Tonpi. Birth giving. It's time for creating people, for forming them up in pairs."

Don't call us Indians; call us Birth People, because that is what we are. The sun thought: "Everything looks nice, and birthing is about to take place, but somebody should be the caretaker of this Birth people land.

The four-direction powers already take care of the planet, but I want a special caretaker for the hemisphere upon which I shall put the red man."

At that time he did not think of it as Mother Earth but as the Planet of the Universes, the Orb of Planification. Because there was no mother yet, no man or woman; just he colors of the four directions and the plants, and the intelligence of powers, the intelligence of Tunkashila.

The great sun called loudly: "Unknowing, you always arrive unknowingly. Come unknowingly from your seat." And Unknowingly arrived with lightning and with powers that no human could scientifically analyze, that could not be computed, powers sacred and secret, the oldest, most innate.

Unknown was a shadow who spoke with lightning, with thundering. The great sun, anpetu-wi, still stood idle fixed in his place from the moment of creation. Then suddenly, at billions of miles an hour, the sun began to move. Moving, he released glowing gases, the energy of the fire without end, life-giving warmth. Unknowingly was right beside him at that moment of creation time. (Were he and the sun one? Were they two? Was he the sun's seventh shadow?)

Unknowingly said: "Now we are going to make a human out of all these elements. We will take the vein of the cedar tree to create a man who will be the caretaker of this land. His name shall be Ikche Wichash-the Wild Natural Two-Legged, the wild, free human.

Unknowingly was the seventh shadow of the sun, and he spoke the lightning language to communicate his wishes. If the shadow walked through this room here, you couldn't see him, but you would somehow feel his presence and you would have a new vision.

Unknowlingly called the whirlwind. "Yumni-Omni, Tate Yumni, arrive!" Whirlwind arrived with a thundering moan-the earth-birthing sound. The sun, from his eye of eyes, his eye of the universe, made tears flow. When one tear hit the earth, it turned into a blood clot, we-ota. It was as yet only a shadow, but for four generations this shadow developed itself.

The whirlwind enfolded him, hit him, helping him to become a body. He was We-Ota-Wichasha, Blood Clot Boy, and he was almost seven feet tall. When the whirlwind hit him, supernatural knowledge went into him, as well as the power of speech and the knowledge of language. And when Blood Clot received these powers, he became a man. The sun was content, saying: "Now a caretaker has been created for this land."

We-Ota-Wichasha developed not only into one man, But into seven nations of the seven ore colors. Today we have only four colors-the red man, the white man, the black man, and the yellow man. What happened to the other three kinds of men? Where did they go?

One was Kosankiya-a great planet, with plants, with animals, with humans. Kosankiya is the darkness of every blue. He said: "I shall be the nest maker. I shall be the upholder of the dome. I shall be the blue sky." He is still here, whether it is day or night. That vault above us makes its self dark at night, blue during the day.

And where is the second one? His name is Edam, Hota Edam, Hotanka-the Great Voice blasting forth. Where does he come from? He is floating in the voids. He is red, an art design. You can see him among the thunder clouds sometimes. And he is the Wakinyan, the great thunderbird, the winged part of the sixteen sacreds. He is still here.

And still one is missing; where is he? Look carefully, for he is the spirit of the land, the yellow spearhead of the earth powers. He is Wo-Wakan, the supernatural.

Now, the sun had given Blood Clot Man the intelligence of the divine human being. He was a medicine, for the sun had shed tears and sweated as during a sweat-lodge purification. Out of the winds, out of the whirl-wind, out of the sacred breath of the universe Blood Clot had been made. He was not created in nine months, like the child you and your woman begot, but over millions of years. Yet even in your baby, a little of that lightning power and star breath is being passed on.

At this time the earth was a crystal inhabited by a great intelligence and over blanketed by the sun and shadows he had created. Its shining center was crystal, glass, and mica, but this was solid now. You could not pierce it or walk through it, for the skeleton had been covered with flesh, green flesh.

Next Wakan Tanka, Tunkashila, formed animals in pairs, to give their flesh so that man could live. And then it was time to create woman. There was no moon then; it was still the period of the sacred newness. The sun again called all the planets and supernaturals, and when they had assembled, the sun, in a bright flash, took out one of his eyes. He threw it on the wind of his vision into a certain place, and it became the moon. And on this new orb, that eye-planet, he created woman. "You are a planet virgin, a moon maiden," he told her. "I have touched you and made you out of my shadow. I want you to walk on the earth." This happen in darkness at the time of a new moon.

"How will I walk over to that land?" asked the woman. So the sun created woman power and woman understanding. He used the lightning to make a bridge from the moon to the earth, and the woman walked on the lightning. Her crossing took a long time.

Now the maker of the universe had created man and woman and given them a power and a way that has never been changed. Doing that, the sun had used up another million eons of creation time. He instructed the woman in her tasks, which she accomplished through her dreams, through her visions, through her special powers.

The Great Spirit had created the woman to be with the man, with We-Ota-Wichasha- but not right away. They had to make contact slowly, get used to each other, understand each other for the survival of their caretaking. Tunkashila let blood roll into her. She walked on the lightning, but she also walked on a blood vein reaching from the moon to the earth.

This vein was a cord, a birth cord that went into her body, and through it she is forever connected with the moon. And nine months of creation were given to her. At first she was without feeling, for love was created in her and inside the man long after their bodies had been formed. They did not live as we do today but were a part of the land, taking care of it even while it took care of them.

The man and the woman began to communicate with each other and talk for many years. Then inside them a feeling emerged. Even before they touched each other they felt a vibration, womb understanding. So by the powers of the great sun, by the powers of Tunkashila, it was given to them to understand that they were man and woman, creators themselves. That understanding came to the man through lightning, through the sun blood that was in him, and it came to the woman through that birth cord which connects her to the moon and whose power she still feels at her moon time.

"You are the caretaker of the generations, you are the birth giver," the sun told the woman. "You will be the carrier of this universe."

Leonard Crow Dog

Spirits Still Walk Here

Greeting Sisters and Kola and may your day be good.

They say the Bear sleeps in the winter and dreams the summer awake. Bear hold the memory of the spring the things that grow and the insects that appear in the Earth Mother.

The Earth Mother is a living breathing entity, once called the Bear star or Earth which is from the old word meaning bear. Bear comes from the Earth and returns to the Earth each fall to sleep and dream the winter away.

Each animal, bird. finned one, no legged, many legged, plant , tree and medicine that grows here on this Earth has a reason and a season for remembering. The stones are the bones of the Earth Mother.

All things that were here before us and beyond are in the stones. They are the bones of our Grand parents from beyond time, fire, water and air: are all recorded in the stones. All that we need and will ever need is here in the Earth Mother and on her growing still.

We at one time traveled the stars with the ancestors and can still travel in the free spirit form that we have maintained, and many are remembering to use. Through meditation and mind travel we are remembering the old ways.

Through the years much of what we came here with was forgotten as generations of our people have turned to the modern ways of thinking. They have moved away from the old ways and taken on the new religion.

Power and control is in and free thought and natural law are out. This has happened many times before and we are not so concerned here in Indian Land as we know there are a few of the memory keepers that will remember and that we are never alone the Spirits of the old ones still walk with us. /we have been given guides so that we do not lose the way. They are walking with us and help us to keep strong and on the path.

The layers between the Old Ones and the Earth Walkers are thin and it is the time for us to return to the fires. This generation is coming with the remembering in their heart and you can see it in the eyes of the new ones here.

This is a time of remembering and to let your heart be open for the old ones to teach. They still sit in council not to far from each of you and wait for you to acknowledge them. Blessings and Love to you Mitakuye Oyasin

There is a power far greater than the human mind can grasp. This is the power we answer to and not the self made one formed by the ones who have forgotten where they come from and who they are. They are lost and have given there soul to gathering of material things here on the Earth Mother. The ones who remember know that we own nothing of this Earth.

Waynonaha Two Worlds

Many Blessings