Our Goals

The work we do is symbolized by the traditional teachings of the braid connecting past, present and future. Our work balances the three aspects of our nature: mind, body and spirit.

Mind: Expressed through education, environmental awareness and our visioning and planning in our work for Mother Earth.

Body: Expressed through efforts and grass roots activism in our protection of traditional values and the defense of Mother Earth.

Spirit: Expressed through facilitating ceremonies, spiritual gatherings, healing circles and the personal work each one does to remain connected to the powers of Mother Earth and Sky and All Our Relations.

"Through the unity of mind, body and spirit, we are given strength to continue our work to care for our Mother."


The great Turtle has represented Indigenous North American values for ages...the 7 parts of the Turtle:
the head, tail, body and four legs represent the 7 codes of life:

  • Bravery
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Humility
  • Wisdom
  • Honor
  • Sharing

Many sacred sites represent this image throughout the Americas.

These sacred sites were places of prayer and rather than clear the land and build imposing buildings or churches on it, these places of worship incorporated and augmented the natural geographical features of the land and water.


SOLUTIONS and ALTERNATIVES for Environmental Health and Healing:

The following information is available for technological restoration, alternative energy and positive environmental change. Please contact us for more information or to submit beneficial solution-oriented ideas and developments.
(FNEN is not responsible for the following information sent in to us by other sources)

High Powered, environmentally secure windmills for powering communities and large areas....

Sea Breeze Energy Inc.
Box 91, 1400-601 West Hastings, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5A6

Email: info@SeaBreezeEnergy.com
Ph: 604 717-6405 Fax: 604 689-2990

This company is run by environmentally concerned individuals bringing sustainable energy options to rural and coastal areas of Canada. They are presently working on some big projects on Vancouver Island.



Developing hydrogen based fuel cells for transportation and energy generation for boats, cars, trucks, etc.

Contact: Envirotech Systems
5 Coolbreeze
Pointe Claire, P.Q.,
Canada H9S 5G3
Ph: 514 694-7162
Email: l.joanette@sympatico.ca
(see "what's happening" page for more info.


Producing Mini-plants in mobile containers. (Worldwide partners program.)
Scinet supplies to developing regions, the technology and support for production of mini-plants in mobile containers (40 foot). These mini-plants are designed in such a way that all the production machinery is fixed on the platform of the container with all wiring, piping and installation parts (fully equipped and ready for production)...for
bakeries, water purification, dehydrated food, sewage treatment and purification, fruit juice preparation, tire retreading, sheeting for roofing, production of steel nails, aluminum buckets, pressed plastic glasses, cups, plates, mugs, etc, plastic bags and packaging, medical assistance mobile units, etc. The mini plants in production come shipped and equipped for a variety of production or other uses for remote communities (they fit on the back of a semi truck). Their kits can treat sewage for communities of 5,000 and additional kits can deal with more.
For more information contact:

Mini-Plants International Office
Apartado Postal 29005
28080 Madrid (Spain)

Ernesto Medina, Assembly Plants Manager
SCiNet Corporation, Science Network,
Mini-plants International Office
Padre Damian, 40 First Floor,
28036 Madrid, Spain.

Ph: (+34) 91-300-5791
Fax: (+34) 91-388-3203
Email: miniplants.office@scinet-corp.com