Our Protocol

  • Acknowledge the original people of the territory you are in.
  • Open and close each gathering/meeting with Prayer.
  • We honour the four directions, the elements and we respect the guidance of our ancestors and elders.
  • Sacred offerings (tobacco, sweetgrass, sage, cedar, etc.)
  • Respect of Elders and children, women and men
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Respect the Pipe and Sacred articles
  • Respect for the circle
  • Recognizing cultural needs for certain foods
  • Respect the customs and beliefs of each others territory
  • We welcome, feed and offer security to people who come into our territories
  • Attending ceremonies is a privilege not a right. Ask permission to attend. It is the individual's responsibility to find out rules and protocol for the ceremony. Ask if there is anything to know by offering tobacco.
  • One person speaks at a time. No interruptions. Listen. Allow silence between speakers, this shows respect and they may not be finished.
  • Respect for all our relations, the two legged, the four legged, the winged, the finned, the crawlers, the rocks and the plants. We recognize the gifts they have to offer:
    Eagle - Love
    Turtle - Truth
    Bear - Courage
    Wolf - Humility
    Beaver - Wisdom
    Grasses - Kindness
    Rock - Strength