See Information on "What's Happening" re Global Warming:
Deforestation needs to stop in order to help reverse present trends

"We the trees are like stitching in fabric, we hold the parts that clothe the Earth together. If you take too many of us away, the fabric will unravel and become undone"
...A Vision by Small Buffalo, Tatanka Hunkesi, July 25th, 2000

"Great forests must flourish and man must see to this if he wishes to continue to live on this planet. The knowledge of this necessity must become part of his consciousness, as much accepted as his need for water in order to live. He needs trees just as much, the two are interlinked. Trees are the skin of the Earth, a skin not only covers and protects, but also passes through it the forces of life." ...D. MacLean

"I am a native of Borneo and we speak differ as we drink water from difference river, and we believe differ as we see the sun rinse in our direction, the forest is not belong to us, but we are belong to the forest."...Ramlee B. Eli

"All things are connected, whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth" ...Chief Seattle 1855